The company DONSÌ was founded in the early 2000s by the Veneto entrepreneur, Rino Galiotto and his son, Davide.

The project was then developed by the CEO Davide Galiotto who, after having had ten years’ experience and a brilliant managerial career in direct sales, identifies his VISION in the development of “ECO” products designed to take care of the house that are 100% made in Italy.

Davide’s passion, and that of the entire Donsì team lies in bringing the greatest benefit to the homes of Italian families, hence the slogan: healthy living in a healthy home.

Health is central to our lives, but very often we do not take care of what we ingest and the environment in which we spend most of our time. Why?
We have also asked ourselves this question, and unfortunately, the hectic pace of life today does not allow us to stop and think about what could make our lives better.
For this reason, Donsì’s goal is to help Italian families to make healthy decisions, by encouraging them to:

  • Drink healthy water and use healthy water when cooking
  • Avoid using chemical detergents in their washing machined in order to avoid skin problems
  • Use the system that sterilises our rooms 100% through the use of steam

Good habits lead to a good Life.

Each individual has different needs, but we believe that everyone has a desire to improve their lifestyle and, in turn, help others to improve theirs too.
We understand that we are all responsible for our actions and believe that our children deserve the best.
This is an important reason to leave them a cleaner world for the good of humanity.

Donsì communicates on a daily basis to promote greater awareness of the bespoke solutions created that will allow us to save energy and use fewer chemical products that are then poured into our seas, causing irreparable damage.

In the belief that the Health-Cleanliness relationship is a fundamental aspect for all of us, Donsì aims to contribute to continuous improvement, and for this reason, continues to conduct research in order to offer new products and solutions for healthy living in a healthy home.